The NRHC Turns 50

The NRHC is celebrating its 50th anniversary

NRHC Turns 50

The Annual Meeting of the National Rural Housing Coalition (NRHC) is scheduled for December 4, at 10 AM at Inter-American Dialogue, 1155 15TH St NW, Suite 800, Washington DC.  The NRHC board will meet immediately afterwards.  NRHC will also hold a reception on Capitol Hill on evening of December 3.  More information on that is forthcoming. 

The meeting marks the 50 year Anniversary of the NRHC.   The original by-laws for the Coalition were adopted on October 31, 1969.  NRHC was incorporated in the District of Columbia on December 17, 1969.  Among the signers on the articles of incorporation: Clay Cochran and Jim Hightower who was the first NRHC employee and who did the work in pulling the original board together as well as the paperwork involved in establishing NRHC.

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