NRHC 2013 Impact Survey

Rural housing organizations are in the midst of a very challenging political climate. Congress and the President are under increased pressure to continue to cut government spending. In this difficult environment, rural housing and community development programs must find new and better ways to demonstrate their impact and effectiveness.

That’s why I invite all rural housing organizations to participate in our 2013 Impact Survey.  Please only submit one survey per organization.


Take the NRHC 2013 Impact Survey by February 15!


The more organizations that participate, the better we can document the critical role rural housing organizations play in planning, developing, financing, and building affordable housing. To help us strengthen our voice on Capitol Hill, send this survey to other rural housing organizations in your communities and ask them to participate.

Please complete this survey and return it to Sarah Mickelson at by February 15, 2013. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sarah via email or at 202-204-3952. And, remember to submit the survey only once; a number of organizations are assisting NRHC in disseminating the survey, so you may receive it from many sources.

For more information, read our 2013 NRHC Impact Survey Introduction.

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